The Evolving Spirit Experience


Upon arriving at our secure location, you are greeted with an offer of green tea or water for your comfort. A brief consultation precedes each session. During our consultation, the completion of required forms and session goals are discussed.   This initial connection is vital to the Evolving Spirit experience and prompt arrival for your appointment is essential.

Session Preparation

Clients are led to our relaxing treatment room to prepare for their custom experience. Concise instructions on proper disrobing and table placement are given. Choice of music, pressure and if applicable, aromatherapy are discussed and noted.


During the Session

Your first and only requirement…..let go.  This is your time to unwind and focus on healing. It all starts with the breath. Deep breathing is key for connection and relaxation. Your session time begins with breathing exercises and continues throughout the session if necessary.  If at anytime you experience any discomfort, sensation or desire for a different approach, you are encouraged to request an adjustment. Communication between us both is key to maximize your time and the effectiveness of treatment. 

Common concerns during your session

  • Emotional response-physical touch and energy work can elicit several responses. Crying, laughing or experiencing a dream-like state of being are all common.  As an energy worker, it is vital that I appropriately share 

  • Talking

  • Body Confidence: Celebrating the body in its many beautiful forms is essential at Evolving Spirit. You will be appropriately draped to ensure your comfort and privacy. 

Post session

Once the session is complete, the client will be left alone to       taking time to careful rise from the table and begin dressing. Towels are left to remove any additional oil.  Once completely dressed, a beverage will be waiting for you during the consultation. At this time any emotions, feelings


After the massage

At the end of the massage, the therapist will leave the room so you can dress in private. Wait a few minutes on the table as you get grounded, especially if you feel light-headed. Then take your time getting ready.


When you leave the treatment room and enter into the reception area, the therapist will offer you a glass of water. It is a good idea to drink some water to help the body flush waste products.

If possible, allow some quiet time after the massage and don't go back to work or other responsibilities immediately.

How you feel after the massage will vary based on the style of massage used, the length of the session, and the demands you place on your body afterward. Feelings range from being relaxed, renewed and centered, to invigorated, excited or experiencing a rush of clarity or new energy and insight, to recognizing your true level of fatigue (particularly if you can be "off duty" for the rest of the day) and wanting only to rest.

Clinical types of massage may leave the body free from chronic tightness or acute pain patterns, but may replace it with a mild soreness from the pressure applied. After this type of massage, you may want to rest the area before jumping back into the activity that produced the soreness.

Realize that the benefits of massage tend to be cumulative, so typically, you will feel better as you get additional massages.