Making Love, For Me

On more than one occasion, I have helped others find love. Using my intuitive powers, I made love connections for my friends. Based upon these successful events,  I decided that I would pursue a career as a matchmaker.   Why did I believe that I had some magic potion to help searching souls find their match?  Despite my marriage ending in divorce, I believe that love is the greatest force in the universe.  Seeing two people who are really into each  other will always make me melt inside.  So I came up with a company name, business plan, analyzed data, conducted surveys and boom---a concept was born.   The company name, Back II Basics Singles.  I believed that in this tech-influenced world, people should get back to the basics of meeting one another face to face.  I imagined having events where relationship-ready singles could mingle and allow love to happen organically and without pressure.  No forms to complete, no profiles with outdated pictures and fairytale stats.   Just simply attending fun events in the hopes of meeting someone special.
It went nowhere. Not one event planned or match made.  My heart wasn't really in it. I only saw dollar signs and not actually helping people. Why?  I  wasn’t emotionally involved and the truth is, I didn't believe it could happen in my own life.  So how could I convince others to let down their guard, socialize and possibly meet 'the one" when I wasn't even interested in doing it myself?   
My last serious relationship was over three years ago.  I ended it by not calling after our last date. Just changed my number, I’m done.  Not the mature way to handle things and certainly showed I had no serious investment in that relationship.
While my focus is being happy with self, sharing love with others is essential to that process. The support we receive and give enhances our life experience and helps us become our better self.  We are happier, healthier and more engaged in life when we involve ourselves in positive connections. And what would life be without the sensual energy created from bonds that involve romance?
As I continue to work on myself, I am determined to strengthen the love in all of my relationships.   For those of us who are committed to increasing the love in all aspects of our lives, please acknowledge it is work. Evaluate the relationships with your family and friends. If possible, repair any ties that may be broken or eliminate those that are not supportive. Surround yourself with love in all areas of your life.  I strive to become a more loving mother, sister, friend and lover.
Meeting people is easy for me and I do date casually. Yet, for a long time I have not fully invested in creating a serious connection with another. I jokingly say that I will only enter a relationship or marry for business purposes but that is not entirely accurate. The truth is I welcome the opportunity to share love with someone special. If finding someone special is essential to you, again, do the work. My love-work includes becoming more compassionate and less judgmental, increasing my social opportunities and opening my heart to the possibility of love.  If a bond with another happens, wonderful. If it doesn’t, still wonderful. The act at working to be the perfect love has far greater significance than looking for the perfect love. If you do the work, it will find you.
How will you open your heart to accept and give love freely in your relationships?
-Yolanda ♥

The love of your life is out there, but they won’t just drop on your lap, nor you on theirs. So stop living an on-hold life! Go out there and experience your life, write your own story, and live your fairy tale. It is on that journey that you’ll cross paths with the love that’s worthy of the story.
Dr. Steve Maraboli