Bigger Is Not Always Better


Do you embrace diabetes, high blood pressure & heart disease? Because if you're going to embrace obesity, then you might as well embrace everything that comes with it……. Why support something that embraces what increases the chances of developing said diseases?


Cookie Miller

@cookiemiller on instagram 

I am obese. Based upon the Body Mass Index (BMI) charts, I am obese. I have struggled with my weight off and on since the birth of my first child, 21 years ago. While I don’t wish to be the size that darn chart states, I know I am currently at an unhealthy weight.  I can still fit into my clothes and I’m certainly smaller than I was two years ago. I am a shapely woman and I love that!  But I refuse to join the “Big & Proud” movement. This is not about confidence. I am all for being confident no matter what skin you are in. This is about living an optimal, full life. Being overweight is not fun. What's cute about being out of breath from a walk across a parking lot?  There is no pride in strategic seat planning or using a seat belt extender. Wearing sleeves in the summer to cover your arms or doing the "I'll make it fit " dressing room dance is not fun.  Avoiding activities because weight makes it difficult? How is that alluring? Being overweight and out of shape should not be glamorized. I will be the first to throw arrows at the BMI and say my body, my way. The truth is the truth, I have to lose weight and get in shape and many of you do too.  But for some it’s a truth they choose to ignore and ridicule.

I am amazed and confused at the criticism I receive from my decision to improve my health. “Is that all you eat?” You eat that, that’s too healthy” “I don’t have time for all that moving around” Too healthy? Since when did working to be your best become a negative thing? Eating healthy food makes me happy! Seeing others care about their health makes me happy.  I’m not sure where this person came from. It’s a new way of living and I am enjoying it immensely. When I create a healthy option for eating, I get a great sense of accomplishment. I feel like I’m cracking some sort of secret code to wellness.  Food is all new. The taste, the smell, all brand new.

You want to eat poorly and not workout? That is your right. Just spare us the complaints about your aches, pains, how you can't find anything to wear in your size or about the cost of the medications that are only masking the true issue. Being overweight and out of shape are not a good match. This is not about being thin or a certain size. There are many skinny folks who eat poorly and couldn’t walk up a flight of stairs without assistance. Why don't we embrace being fit and doing the best for ourselves?

Your body is high end luxury property. It deserves proper maintenance and care. If you owned a $100,000 luxury vehicle would you keep the tank half full with regular gas? Forget to have oil changes or tuneups and never take it out on a highway to drive it as it was designed? Absolutely not.  Don't treat your priceless body any differently. Maintain it, fuel it correctly and respect your gift!

God has given me this awesome gift. It has brought life into the world, it has carried me through tragedy and triumph. I better treat it right. It is not easy work. But I’m worth IT. My family is worth it. My family has a history of chronic diseases. I lost my parents to preventable chronic diseases.  I don't want disease to be the legacy that I give to my children and grandchildren. I have the ability to change that by living as an example. That example is by not applauding or embracing a culture that celebrates obesity. We're better than that. Be better than that.

Cookie Miller,  who I’ve quoted above has documented her weight loss journey. I think her drive is inspiring. After her amazing weight loss, she is now a Certified Personal Trainer and provides inspiration to her followers on instagram and her youtube channel. Follow her at the links above and #watchcookieshrink.   She graciously allowed me to use her quote and I will continue to follow her progress for my own motivation. Each of her posts gives the nudge you need to exercise and become a better you. Thank you Cookie!