Happy & Healthy Honey Spotlight-Debbie

Meet our Happy Healthy Honey, Debbie! Debbie is the entrepreneur of several businesses in Southern New Jersey.  This is a serious business minded lady! She is also a volunteer with several non profits and sits on committees with the New Jersey Association of Women Business Owners. Read about how she keeps her happy!

When did you decide to start on a path of happiness and what is your passion?

I started on the path of happiness, I believe after my second relationship, with my son's father. I realized that if you do not take charge of your life and your relationship and the way that you are treated by others, then you can never truly be happy.

The passion that I have, is for life and living and the fact that I am a person first, mother and a wife second.  I believe that passion comes from within, and it is a feeling that is so intense that no one can take that away from you.

How do you keep yourself motivated to share your passion with,others?

I keep myself motivated by living one day at a time, and no matter what is going on in my life I look at life in a positive way.  If I am feeling down, I tell myself that it could be worst, every now and again I may have a pity party but is does not last long, and sometime we all have those days, but the key is not to let that go pass a day.

What do you gain by spreading your happiness?

Spreading happiness is easy, when you meet someone if you just give them a smile, say hello, or just be kind, I believe that is the ultimate form of spreading happiness.

What makes you happiest at this time in your life?

I am very happy in my life at this point, because I believe that I have raised 2 wonderful young men (Michael & Kevin), I have a wonderful marriage & awesome people around me that love me and support me in the things that I do.

 Debbie on her happy wedding day!

Debbie on her happy wedding day!