Who is Playin In Your Garden?

Lately, I've been spending a lot of time by myself. In these moments, I am learning the greatest lessons about why certain things, desires and people are being removed from my life. Now, I am envisioning a whole new set of experiences and people coming my way. I am grateful for the ability I have been given to listen, surrender and trust. 

Imagine that your body is its own universe. Millions of molecules bumping around, blood pumping like volcanoes, lungs expelling air like the wind, synapses firing off like meteors. This complex network that somehow works together in harmony, your brain the solar system, vast and unending.   Your heart and soul like the Garden of Eden where all life began. That place where good and evil first met. Imagine God is there in control of your garden, your soul, giving you the same instructions that were given to Adam and Eve. “There are things you will not understand, but trust me for I am God and as long as you trust me, you will have all that need. There is no need to seek wisdom elsewhere.”  We know what happened next.  How often do we find ourselves in trouble when we look outside of our soul, beyond the places God has told us to be?  When you are broken and feel you are beyond earthly repair, going inside of oneself and connecting with your Source, right in the garden, is the only true relief.  Sometimes in our brokenness we allow external forces like a new relationship or exciting activities to ease the pain. They may momentarily, but over time they will leave us deflated, empty. It's the reason addicts continue to abuse themselves with no actual relief. I'm protecting my garden, my universe and all within, it is a masterpiece.  Far too great to allow any serpent to play around with or manipulate. If I am feeling lonely, discouraged, empty or lost, all I need is right here in my garden. I only have to do one thing, trust God.